Adire Eleko (Premuim Course)



Adire Eleko (Premuim Course)

Instructor :

Master Artist


All ages


3 Weeks

Course Details

This is the only hands-on course for teaching adire eleko.  This course, rarely taught in detail, allows students to learn the age-long technique of adire eleko or starch resists method using the stencilling method. Students also learn how to mix and cook the starch paste, create and use stencils, hand paint and dyeing techniques.  Also to be taught are de-starching and finishing techniques.  All materials are provided for demonstration in this class.  However, if you wish to make something for yourself, materials are available for purchase.  The entire curriculum is available when you register.

All classes are taught by experts and professional artists. We are proud of all the people we have taught and look forward to having you join our team