Publisher: Institute of African and Diaspora Studies, University of Lagos

ISBN: 978-978-990-855-4

Copyright Year: 2021

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 Peju Layiwola’s Indigo Reimagined: Rethinking Adire in Yoruba Fashion and Textile Modernity brings together the authoritative views of art historians, literary critics and other informed observers who encountered the exhibition entitled Indigo Reimagined held in 2019 at two venues in Lagos, Nigeria. Curated by Peju Layiwola, a Professor of Art History at the University of Lagos, many witnessed the physical event in the gallery enclosures of the university on Lagos Mainland and at Alara on the Island, while many others experienced its afterlife in virtual spaces and other media platforms. The exhibition has now been made to come alive again in the thoughtful essays and bright photographs of this book. The authors of the essays have described their perceptions of the phenomenal event in ways that a normal exhibition catalogue cannot fully represent. They have stepped outside the framework of gallery and media spaces to give clear pictures of what reader and researchers would have seen had they been at the exhibition. This is a volume that indexes the social history of adire and communicates the awe of each contributor as they observe culture and creativity unfold and intersect in the fabric. The essays draw attention to the ways that the literal and the figurative intertwine in adire as fabric, delineate its importance in Yoruba culture and highlight its historical association with appareling humanity.


Foreword, by Ayodeji Olukoju, Distinguished Professor of History, University of Lagos and former Vice Chancellor, Caleb University.

Chapter 1

Introduction Blue and Beyond: Framing a Textile Cultural Past and Presence in Indigo Reimagined – Patrick Oloko, Professor of English,

Chapter 2 : Àdìré and the Progression of Peju Layiwola’s Artistic Logic– Tobenna Okwuosa,  Professor, Niger Delta University,   Balyesa, Nigeria, University of Lagos

Chapter 3:  Peju Layiwola’s Multivocalities of Indigo– Phoenix Savage, Professor, Toogaloo University, Jackson, Mississippi, USA

Chapter 4:  Peju Layiwola’s Indigo Markets for a Shifting Geopolitical Sphere– Janine A. Sytsma, Professor, University of Arkansas, USA.

Chapter 5: Rhapsody in Blue: Trad Style– Patricia Oyelola, formerly Senior Research Fellow, Institute of African Studies, University of Ibadan

Chapter 6: Indigo Reimagined: Àdìré in the Yoruba Social and Cultural Imaginaries– Jean Borgatti, Fitchburg Art Museum, Clark Institute, USA and Boston University, USA

Chapter 7: Àdìrẹ As Peju Layiwola’s Love letter– Nengi Omuku, Visual Artist, London

Chapter 8:  Indigo Reimagined: Textiles as Narratives of Gendered Labour– Charles Gore, formerly of the Department of History of Art and Archeology, SOAS, UK and Paula Callus, Professor, Bournemouth University, UK

Chapter 9:  Indigo Reimagined, Indigo Dyehard: Incursion, Survival and Contestation– Ayo Adedutan, Professor, Institute of African Studies, University of Ibadan.

Chapter 10:  Aesthetics of Adaptation and Tradition in Peju Layiwola’s Indigo Reimagined– Lekan Balogun, Lecturer, University of Lagos

Chapter 11:  Rírò Aró Tayo Ojú Òde: Indigo as Creativity and Reality– Timothy Olusola Ogunfunwa, Senior Lecturer, University of Lagos

Chapter 12:  Textile Architectonics as Creative Influence in Indigo Reimagined– Odun Orimolade, Lecturer, Yaba College of Technology, Lagos Chapter 13: Breaking the Silence of One Colour: A Conversation with Peju Layiwola– Emmanuelle Spiesse, Professor, Les Afrique dans le Monde, Sciences politiques (LAM) and the University of Bordeaux, France

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