Adire Alabere (Stitch and dye) (Premium Course)


  • USD: $220.00

Adire Alabere (Stitch and dye) (Premium Course)

Instructor :

Masterclasses Instructor


All ages


1 week

Course Details

This premium course in stitch and dye is highly recommended for those wishing to set up their businesses.   The emphasis will be on getting hands-on experience using hand stitches or machine stitches on fabric.  Students can sign up to come at their convenience for an 8-day interaction held via zoom or Teams lecture.  Practical classes provide a better hands-on experience in our Centre. All materials are provided for demonstration in this class.  However, materials are available for purchase if you wish to make something for yourself. The curriculum is available when you register.

All classes are taught by experts and professional artists. We are proud of all the people we have taught and look forward to having you join our team

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