Batik (Beginner’s Level Course)


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Batik (Beginner’s Level Course)

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All ages


3 days

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This is a highly recommended course for people who have never taken any textile art class before.  It provides an introduction to making resist patterns on cloth using wax. The course will lead participants through the tools and materials needed for the art.  It will also teach how to wax fabrics using foam stamps.  One important focus will be gauging the wax's temperature, one and two colourways in dyeing, and the entire dyeing process, dewaxing and finishing.  At the end of this class, you will have learnt how to make your exquisite designs on cloth.   All materials are provided for demonstration in this class.  If you desire to make something for yourself, materials are available for purchase.  The entire curriculum is available when you register. Masterartclasses videos are now also available online.

All classes are taught by experts and professional artists. We are proud of all the people we have taught and look forward to having you join our team

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