Tie Dye/Batik on Tshirts


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Tie Dye/Batik on Tshirts

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Masterclasses Instructor


All ages


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You are registering for the tie-dye and t-shirt course – to learn how to tie-dye and batik t-shirts. This course on Adire oniko teaches you how to make designs on cotton t-shirts using the tying and batik methods. You will learn several tying techniques and, after that learn to use wax to redesign the tied patterns. The process of dewaxing will also be taught. This course will offer you an excellent learning experience through clear images and short videos, provides a list of materials, tips on the craft, and frequently asked questions from our previous classes. Additional information will be provided on where to source materials for the art, whether in Nigeria or abroad, and tips on how best to succeed in establishing your craft as a business.

All classes are taught by experts and professional artists. We are proud of all the people we have taught and look forward to having you join our team