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If you are looking to tap into the rich historic and cultural traditions of Africa and also learn about the economic benefits through the visual arts, this platform offers you many choices of courses in various arts and crafts. For those wishing to explore the therapeutic benefits of the arts, there is also a lot to learn from our courses. We have the state of the arts equipment for training. It promises to be an exhilarating time learning with us. There are three major types of courses- physical classes, live online classes and pre-recorded online classes. The physical classes are running at the moment under strict COVID-19 regulations. The live online classes will be scheduled periodically while the Pre-recorded online courses will be uploaded on a teaching platform. Once this information is ready, it will be announced on all our social media platforms. The live online classes are for those who cannot physically attend our classes and cater or the needs of those outside Lagos or in diaspora. MasterArtClasses is a community of creatives who also have the opportunity of networking and showing off their finished products. We also have art supplies on our website to ease the burden of looking for your needs. Courses are suitable for every learner- for children and adults. Our courses are tailored to cater for the needs of those who are looking for a career change, hobbyists, students in between school, retirees looking to spend valuable time doing an art and culture enthusiasts wanting to learn more about the rich heritage of Africa. Courses cover a broad range of topics from traditional bronzecasting, adire making, tie-dye, stitch and dye, silk painting, repousse, jewellery making, printmaking and many more. You are one click away from subscribing for any course of your choice. In-person classes are held in Lagos throughout the year. Through digital transformation, we hope to spread our services to the rest of Africa and the Diaspora so that our materials and information will be truly global.

Durations are spelled out in all categories- from one day to a one-year time duration. Courses available are:
a. Grape Courses (Saturdays only- One day course)
b. Orange Workshop Courses (5 days/2 weekends)
c. Summer Courses (4 months)
d. Apple Courses - (9 months- 1year)
e. Cherry Courses (2 weeks)
f. a variety of crafts to choose from in beginners to expert levels

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