Adire Eleko or Cassava Starch

Step into the vibrant marketplaces of Ibadan, Southwestern Nigeria, as we take you on an exhilarating adventure to explore the ancient art of Adire Eleko. Our immersive course offers you a total experience, guiding you through the journey of purchasing, milling, and processing cassava to create exquisite designs on cloth.

Course Description

This course takes you through an exciting ethnography journey in a market in Ibadan, Southwestern Nigeria, to purchase, mill, and process cassava for making exquisite designs on cloth. We bring you the total experience of doing starch resist remotely through slides, video, and illustrations. This resist method covers ten modules. 

Module 1: Introduction to tools, dyes, and materials for Batik

Module 2: Desizing a fabric

Module 3: Sourcing cassava starch

Module 4: Tools and Materials for Making Adire Eleko

Module 5: Cooking Cassava Starch

Module 6: Making a Stencil

Module 7: Stenciling with Cassava Starch

Module 8: Dyeing the Resist Material

Module 9: Rinsing off the Cassava Starch

Module 10: Finishing and Hand Beetling

What Awaits You:

Upon completing our Adire Eleko or Cassava Starch course, you will unlock the captivating artistry of Adire Eleko and experience the joy of crafting stunning fabric designs. Elevate your creative journey as you immerse yourself in the art of using cassava starch resist, producing breathtaking Adire Eleko pieces that reflect the richness of Nigerian cultural heritage and leave a lasting legacy of your artistic prowess.

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We have flexible enrollment options tailored to suit your preferences and schedule. Whichever path you choose, our courses promise to nurture your artistic talents, empower your creativity, and provide a memorable learning experience.

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