Silk painting (Beginner’s Level)


This course teaches you how to identify various kinds of silk for making projects.  The art of painting silk is an exciting one.  Learn how to mix dyes and paint on silk-like a professional artist.  Each participant is taught how to paint a mural for adorning the wall. This unique skill can be applied to garments and for making bespoke items

Batik Class (Beginner’s Level)


This class is highly recommended for people who have never taken any textile art class before.  It provides an introduction to making resist patterns on cloth using wax. Participants will be led through the tools and materials needed for the art.  They will also be taught how to wax fabrics using foam stamps and also hand waxing on fabrics.  You will also learn how to gauge the temperature of the wax, one and two colourways in dyeing,  the dyeing process- mixtures of dyes, dewaxing and finishing.  At the end of this class, you would have learnt how to make your own exquisite designs on cloth.

Batik Class (Senior Level)


This is a more advanced class in Batik making.  In addition to all that is taught in the beginner’s class, the participant has the added advantage of working with the tjanting tool, learning more advanced patterns in batik and creating various background colours for batik work on five-yard of cotton fabrics.  Classes are announced periodically.  Classes last for one week

Batik (Premium Class)


This is the premium class for batik art and it is highly recommended if you intend to start your own business.  At the close of this class, students will have gone through a rigorous process of making batik.  Their confidence in waxing several yardages of fabric, understanding colour distribution and application, different designs including how to do the batik version of  Adire eleko grid design.  Students can sign up to come at their convenience for ten days at a stretch.

Adire Eleko (Beginner’s class)


This class is focussed on learning how to make the age-long technique of adire eleko or starch resist method using the stencilling method. Students learn various designs and their meanings.  They also learn how to mix and cook the starch, use the stencil and dye the fabric. Other processes involved will include de-starching the fabric, and finishing


14 Bank Olemoh Cl off Bank Olemoh Crescent, Surulere, Lagos

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