Àdìre Alábéla or Batik

Unleash your creativity and immerse yourself in the captivating world of Àdìre Alábéla, a centuries-old art form renowned for its exquisite designs on fabric. In this comprehensive course, we will guide you through eight immersive modules that will equip you with the skills to create stunning Batik resist designs on fabric.

Course Description

In this eleven-module course, you’ll gain in-depth knowledge of Batik resist methods, honing your skills to craft intricate and stunning patterns. Discover the secrets behind the art as we guide you through each step of the process.

Module 1: Introduction to tools, dyes, and materials for Batik

Module 2: Desizing a fabric

Module 3: Cutting a Foam Stamp for Hand Painting

Module 4: Making a Free-Hand Design

Module 5: Creating Designs with a Stamp

Module 6: Making a Single-Dyed Fabric

Module 7: Creating Multiple Patterns and Color Distribution

Module 8: Dyeing - Immersion Technique

Module 9: Sprinkling Dyeing Technique

Module 10: Dewaxing the Dyed Fabric

Module 11: Finishing and Hand Beetling

What Awaits You:

Upon completing our Àdìre Alábéla or Batik course, you will possess the knowledge and expertise to create awe-inspiring fabric designs. Elevate your artistry and indulge in the gratification of producing exquisite Batik pieces that leave a lasting impression.

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Enroll now and embark on an artistic journey that celebrates the beauty of Batik. Let your creativity flourish as you learn the time-honored techniques of Àdìre Alábéla, transforming ordinary fabrics into extraordinary masterpieces. Don’t miss this opportunity to hone your skills and unlock your artistic potential. Enroll today and discover the captivating world of Batik with us!

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We have flexible enrollment options tailored to suit your preferences and schedule. Whichever path you choose, our courses promise to nurture your artistic talents, empower your creativity, and provide a memorable learning experience.

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