Adire Alabere or Stitch and Dye (Tritik)

Adire Alabere or Stitch and Dye (Tritik)

Step into a world of artistic wonder, as we take you on an extraordinary eight-module journey through the art of Adire Alabere. From crafting intricate stitches by hand to unleashing the power of a sewing machine, immerse yourself in the captivating fusion of stitching and dyeing to produce fabric masterpieces that resonate with cultural heritage and timeless elegance.

Course Description

This course offers you detailed processes of making resist patterns by hand and using a sewing machine for stitching in eight modules:

Module 1: Introduction to tools, dyes, and materials

Module 2: Desizing a fabric

Module 3: Creating Various Stitches by Hand

Module 4: Making Oversewn Patterns

Module 5: Stitching and Binding

Module 6: Using a Sewing Machine for Creating a Resist Pattern

Module 7: Dyeing the Sewn Fabric

Module 8: Loosening the Stitches and Finishing

What Awaits You:

 By the time you complete our Adire Alabere or Stitch and Dye course, you’ll possess the knowledge and expertise to craft mesmerizing resist patterns that breathe life into fabric, leaving an indelible mark of your creative prowess. Elevate your artistry, infuse your designs with cultural richness, and bask in the gratification of producing fabric masterpieces that captivate hearts and minds.

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